Our Story

Who we are

Started in 2011, we opened our first store in Menlo Park Mall, in a tiny 154 square foot kiosk. Our founder knew this concept would have its many challenges introducing a unique and different concept of what was currently in the marketplace. So he felt the only way to really get a sense of sustainability and eventually credibility is to test the product and brand in a mall setting where you compete with many major national chains. But more importantly, it was to get a sense of understanding who the target consumer might be, mall setting allowed to test the product well, considering you have consistent traffic of all cultures, races, and age groups. Potatopia, then started to evolve, the 154 square feet kiosk was the foundation to what Potatopia is today and ultimately creating a blue print for the future. The greatest part about Potatopia is that it reaches mass audiences as potatoes is a staple at dinner tables, it allows Potatopia to keep innovating and more importantly, local customization in the markets where we operate.


Allen Dikker

As the resident cook in his family, Allen had always used the hobby as a stress reliever. When he began creating sauces for friends and relatives their enthusiasm was immediate and inspiration struck. Realizing that he needed the perfect β€œvehicle” to bring these sauces to the public, Allen decided that the humble potato, a stalwart in every kitchen, was the answer. Both versatile and popular, the potato, he believed, when paired with freshly-made sauces and high quality ingredients, could be presented and enjoyed by a wide audience in an entirely new way.