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Changes in the food industry have prompted greater focus on sourcing and buzz words like “farm to table”, “fork to mouth”, “local sourcing”, “regional sourcing”, etc. At Potatopia, we rather focus on the way our food is handled—with care, ensuring its prepared in much the same way we would cook for our own families at home.  This includes catering to all tastes and dietary needs and preferences, including paleo free, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, meat lovers and everything in between.  Separate fryers are used for gluten free dishes, non-allergenic oil is used to prepare all of our food, and we pay extra to ensure our produce is fresh and triple inspected.  Like us, the farmers and manufacturers we rely on follow the same principles of handling our raw ingredients with care.

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Life is about choices and Potatopia is about living life. We offer an ample selection of quality, all natural gourmet ingredients using a fresh approach that will change the way you view the humble, yet majestic potato forever.

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