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The Potatopia Cookbook

The Potatopia Cookbook features a collection of Allen Dikker’s favorite recipes that he wasn’t able to feature on the menu of his potato-centric restaurant, Potatopia. In what has been dubbed a “cultlike following” by Food and Beverage Magazine, Dikker’s Potatopians include foodies, vegans, vegetarians, families, and everyone in between. Now, home cooks can experience potato heaven from their own kitchens with these exclusive recipes culled from the over 200 that Dikker has developed since Potatopia’s inception. As CEO and founder of the chain, Dikker has earned his authority on all things potatoes. To buy the book visit


Allen Dikker

As the resident cook in his family, Allen had always used the hobby as a stress reliever. When he began creating sauces for friends and relatives their enthusiasm was immediate and inspiration struck. Realizing that he needed the perfect “vehicle” to bring these sauces to the public, Allen decided that the humble potato, a stalwart in every kitchen, was the answer. Both versatile and popular, the potato, he believed, when paired with freshly-made sauces and high quality ingredients, could be presented and enjoyed by a wide audience in an entirely new way.

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  • Loved it is an understatement. This place is AMAZING!!! And worth every penny. I hate going to the mall but I will be going a lot more often just to eat here.

    Alaina Kashnikova
  • This place is so dope!!! Food is superb and I have yet to be disappointed

    Renee Davis
  • A way healthier choice to eat then of any of the fast food restaurants located on the food court at Roosevelt Field Mall. The combinations is amazing along with beverages.

    Born Starr

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